Monday, August 3, 2009

Cabinet Make-Over

My obsession with radio cabinets aside, they really can be utilized as unique pieces of furniture. They are relatively small and fit into those hard to decorate places such as bathrooms and hallways while adding storage space and a touch of flair. By using your imagination - you can make an empty cabinet match your style.

The key is to look for a cabinet with good structure and pleasing lines - then consider the possibilities. This cabinet caught my eye because it was horizontal in structure rather than the vertical radio cabinets that I usually find. That detail in itself held promise and potential - add in those wonderful curved legs and it had me at hello.

Note this cabinet had a top that lifts open on hinges and a front door that tilts down - typical for this style of cabinet, however problematic for practical use. The first act of business was to secure the front door and make it stationary - we did that by securing both ends with nails that will be covered by the finish coat of paint. By securing the front and taking out the tilting hardware from the inside, we now have created a blanket chest of sorts.

We then filled in the hole in the front where the hardware used to be - no need in having a handle that has no purpose - and added a thin strip of trim along the bottom of the front to hide the holes left by the bottom hinges. Remember the blog where I wrote about keeping spare parts?? This trim was leftover from a previous project and fit perfectly along the bottom adding a note of interest.

Next the interior was painted a satin black and the exterior was painted with a satin milk chocolate color paint - yummy! I chose to leave the crackle finish intact that had been applied by the previous owner in order to give the final look some texture.

The finished product can now be used as a blanket chest for a guest room, a storage trunk and book shelf for an office or storage for the bathroom towels... the possibilities are endless.

Good luck looking for that special radio cabinet to make your own - with the Longest Yard Sale coming up this weekend on Route 127, you may just find the perfect one!!