Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Vintage Jars

I love using and re-using vintage things! Vintage Ventures is all about ways to use your vintage treasures.

For the kitchen, I love using old cracker jars. I keep treats in the jars to grab on the fly. Since old jars aren't air-tight, I only store packaged treats like peanut-butter crackers, individual bags of microwave popcorn, Rice Krispy Treats, and my all-time favorite - Hostess cupcakes! (Hey, this blog is about vintage treasures not good nutrition...right??)

Jars don't have to match - unless you want them to! You could have some fun by trying to locate one of every type of Tom's jar or try finding just jars with blue letters - whatever works for you. What matters most is saving a vintage treasure from the landfill and having fun!

I found this great side-loader cracker jar on my last treasure hunt so now I think I'll switch to side-loaders for a change of pace. It's all about using, re-using and recycling...