Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Unexpected

It is fun to use vintage items for something other than their original intent - especially when their original intent is no longer relevant. Take this old iron Christmas tree stand for instance, it no longer has a relevant use in my home since we don't use a "live" tree for decoration anymore, but the piece is just way too cool to send to the landfill so it now serves the purpose of an excellent candle holder - still perfect for holiday decorating. The bolts that used to hold the tree in place are now embedded into the sides of the candle. I don't have to worry about the candle being knocked over because the base is heavy and I can add greenery and berries later if I decide to add more color.

This is a great look for a primitive/country Christmas and these old iron tree stands can still be found fairly easily in thrift stores and antique malls - or maybe even in Grandma's cellar! After Christmas is a great time to search for bargains on this type of collectible because many mall vendors don't like storing items for a year for the next holiday season - be sure to ask for the best price!